How to date with high class London escort

It can be nerve wrecking having a first date with an high class escorts in London. After all you’re practically strangers and would be considered lucky if you met your escorts before tonight. Expectations are high would you like her? Would she like you? What if someone makes you out? Before tonight, the plans were made, the restaurant booked, or if it a casual night out, you’ve made a mental note of the places you’d go. Technically, it’s not a blind date, because there’s no obligation, no awkward ‘I’ll call you’ even though you both know you won’t, no wondering if to hold her hand or kiss her at the end of the evening – High class London escorts are usually trouble free dates. Because there’s a difference when you go out with an escort, if it doesn’t go well, you can simply forget them and book another one from some of the popular online London escort agencies website , with no hard feelings.

As with life, especially on a first date with someone you’ve never met before or don’t know well, there are some things you should do and others to steer clear of, here are a few.

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Proper Planning

Arrive on time. If you want to leave a good first impression, being punctual is the first step. If you’re late it’s you lose out financially, as your tab starts running as scheduled. So save yourself some money and if you’re meeting at eight, arrive with some minutes to spare. Its better if you’re waiting on her than if she’s waiting on you.

Ensure the dating situation with your London escort is understood and stated. If you give the impression it’s a cozy date between you and your hire, don’t surprise them with a double date, a group of friends or worse a family gathering. Don’t bring along your wife either.

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Talks to Avoid

Don’t bring up the ‘sex workers’ talk, elite and High class London escorts hate that, e.g. ‘Are you a prostitute or hooker or something?’ They find this association very insulting, as London escort agencies Click Here see themselves as a higher breed than prostitutes. While some offer ‘bonus services’ be sure to confirm your expectations before the first date.

How many dates have you been on?’ Again this is another awkward question. Giving this information away could be super uncomfortable as it can give an indicator of how much money they made. So steer clear of these personal questions and stick to the weather or something, it’s much safer.


Compliment Her Style

Dress appropriately. Don’t take her out wearing a cute cocktail dress to a shoddy bar. Wherever you guys end up, make sure you compliment her dress as it can be incredibly embarrassing to be overdressed, especially when your partner is wearing a jeans and t-shirt.

Consider dating with your high class London escort as any typical date, even though she’s being paid for her companionship, you can still treat her to a nice evening. With these pointers, you’re sure there won’t be any embarrassing misunderstandings. Even though your nerves may get the better of you, remain calm, confident and at ease, choose your conversations smartly and practice good etiquette, and who knows, maybe there’ll be a second date, no charge.  

Best bit of london escorts are massage services

If you have usually wish to give and get london escorts massages, but know little concerning the subject, fret not. You will find certainly a lot of things to become discovered, but they are all inside your reach. The article beneath has the knowledge that you simply need to make informed choices about the artwork of london escorts therapeutic massage.

Use your thumbs when massaging. You’ve lots of strength inside your thumbs and may use these fingers to really dig into the further tissues. Make certain not to push excessively, because that’s often not favored from the individual getting the london escorts therapeutic massage.

Tools are imperative to make use of throughout a london escorts therapeutic massage. london escorts massages can be carried out utilizing a variety of add-ons this kind of as london escorts massage balls. These are easily accessible and cheap as well. Try out the different resources and discover which ones function very best for you personally.Being pregnant may be particularly difficult on your physique over the program of nine months. Carrying the additional excess weight from the infant can lead to aches and pains in locations that you simply by no means understood existed. Treating your self to full physique prenatal london escorts massages can be just the thing to get you sensation more like yourself once more. Attempt to restrict all track record sound when you are providing your london escorts massage, because the atmosphere should be as peaceful and relaxed as possible at all occasions. You’ll want the individual you’re massaging to relax their muscle tissues to ensure that your london escorts massage method will function, as a peaceful atmosphere helps you to aid this. The raking technique is a well-liked method to provide a back london escorts massage. Unfold your fingers out broad and make use of your fingertips to carry out a raking motion down the back, from shoulders to hips. You are able to boost the stress to the recipient’s liking. This is a easy method to relax your significant other and spend some quality time with each other.


Think about finding a london escorts therapeutic massage therapist who makes house or office calls. There are a few touring therapists who don’t retain a company residence. You receive flexibility and decreased rates.

It is usually useful in the event you inquire your london escorts therapeutic massage consumer when they wouldn’t thoughts shaving each day or two before the london escorts massage. This will create a smooth surface area to rub which makes it better for you and them both. Your hands can easily glide during the london escorts therapeutic massage.

Have you been getting trouble sleeping during the night? This can be a common problem that lots of people have in typical. If you are leery about taking prescription or over the counter rest aids, there is a solution. Having a london escorts massage relaxes you thoughts, body and spirit, which helps you to drop asleep simpler each night. Talk with escort agency london. Your masseuse is most likely not a thoughts reader, so allow them know if a place of your physique needs a little extra attention. Whether or not your shoulders really are a mess from becoming hunched over a desk or your legs are sore from the marathon exercise, communicate up.

As you can now see, there are a lot of fascinating variables that go into providing and getting great london escorts massages. Use what you have discovered here, and you will be an expert around the topic very quickly. Heading forward, benefit from the wonderful globe of london escorts therapeutic massage and what it can do for you personally.

U.k. Food-bank Users Return What Needs Cooking As Bills Rise

3 Powerful Graphs Behind the Food-vs.-Fuel Debate

is not acceptable. Its scandalous and it is causing deep distress to thousands of people, Trussell Trust Executive Chairman Chris Mould said in an e-mailed statement. The time has come for an official and in-depth inquiry into the causes of food poverty and the consequent rise in the usage of food banks. Food prices have risen by 12.6 percent more than inflation over the past six years, outstripping wages, and higher energy prices are likely to see more people forced to choose between eating and heating this winter, the charity said. Food-bank clients are giving back food items that need cooking because they cant afford to turn on the electricity, the trust said. There are twice as many food banks as last year, accounting for some of the increase in demand, the trust said, though well-established food banks are also reporting that theyre helping more people. Welfare Overhaul An overhaul of the welfare system has led more people to seek help, the trust said, with 117,442 people referred to food banks by agencies including the health service, social workers and police because of delays in welfare payments compared with 35,597 last year. Camerons spokesman, Jean-Christophe Gray, said the increase had been driven by the government axing restrictions on officials referring people to food banks and reflected a British tradition of charitable help for the poor. Use of the facilities increased 10 times under the Labour government that left office in 2010, he added. Its this government that has lifted the block on job centers being able to point people in the direction of the type of additional assistance that food banks provide, Gray told reporters in London . The U.K. has a proud tradition of voluntary and charitable organisations providing additional support alongside the welfare system. The previous government stopped job centers, where job seekers register for unemployment benefit and seek work, issuing vouchers for food banks because they said other help was available and they could not provide consistent support as they were unevenly distributed around the country. Food-bank use increased from 2,814 people in 2005-2006 to 40,898 in 2009-2010, when Labour lost power, the Trussell Trust said. Food banks supported by the charity were used by 346,992 people in 2012-2013. To contact the reporter on this story: Thomas Penny in London at To contact the editor responsible for this story: James Hertling at Volunteer Sorts Food at Food Bank Will Oliver/AFP via Getty Images There are twice as many food banks as last year, accounting for some of the increase in demand, the trust said, though well-established food banks are also reporting that theyre helping more people.

Elam’s report Food Costs Are Eating American Family Budgets provide a powerful backdrop for the food-vs.-fuel debate. All are based on real-world industry data from inherently unbiased sources such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Commerce. What will they uncover about the controversial topic of ethanol production? The trend was our friend In 1950, the average American spent approximately 26% of his or her disposable income on food. Think about that. For every $100 leftover after taxes, individuals had just $74 to spend on non-food expenditures. Luckily, advances in agricultural production, logistics and transportation, and food availability have steadily lowered the amount of money spent putting food on the table. Food expenditures as a percent of disposable income fell to 20% by the mid-1960′s, zoomed lower than 16% in the early 1980′s, and ducked under 12% for the first time in history in 2000. That’s quite the trend, except for one thing: It’s reversing. Source: FarmEcon LLC, Food Costs aAre Eating American Family Budgets. Food prices are affected by many variables, such as input costs to farmland (energy, fertilizer, and the like), fuel prices, and selling prices for crops. There is no single cause and effect. Unfortunately, there’s a mountain of evidence supporting claims that increasing ethanol demand is a major contributor to higher commodity prices of most major agricultural crops.

Obama signing

The nation’s food banks, already stretched thin because of the poor economy, are expecting to see an increase in demand as a result. Congress is also pursuing further cuts to the program. Around 49 million Americans suffer from hunger or “food insecurity.” However, the House of Representatives approved a plan last month to cut nearly $ 40 billion dollars worth of food stamps. Free school meals for 210,000 children will also be eliminated. Feeding America ‘s CEO Bob Aiken says , “These cuts to SNAP combined with the scheduled American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) cuts to the programscheduled to go into effect on Nov. 1, 2013will result in the loss of about 3.4 billion meals provided to low-income Americans in 2014. That is more meals that the entire Feeding America Network of 200 food banks distributed through 61,000 food pantries and soup kitchens in 2013.” According to Feeding America , “76% of SNAP households included a child, an elderly person, or a disabled person.” Around “90% of SNAP benefits are redeemed by the third week of the month,” meaning that families often need extra support from food banks. With cuts to food stamps this need will increase. Food banks will struggle to meet this need. Food stamp cuts will also harm small businesses. The U.S. Dept of Agriculture (USDA) explains that food stamps “create business when they are redeemed at your local food retailer.” USDA adds, “These benefits ripple throughout the economies of the community, State, and Nation.” The impact of food stamp cuts, in a time of economic downturn, will have its own negative ripple effect. Congress is being urged to take action against hunger in America and protect food assistance programs.

Gm Shift Russia Operation Into Gm Europe

“What would be the unique value of personally carrying another copy of the materials onward?” RECOMMENDED: How well do you know the world of spying? Take our CIA and NSA quiz. “Theres a zero percent chance the Russians or Chinese have received any documents,” he added. The first direct contact between Snowden and US journalists is yet another sign that he may be ready to step back into the spotlight after remaining virtually incommunicado at his secret retreat somewhere in Russia for more than two months, since walking out of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport with Russian refugee papers that are good for a year. RECOMMENDED: Monitor Frontier Markets Free Trial. Intelligent analysis on events in frontier/emerging countries. Last week his father, Lon Snowden, arrived in Moscow for a family visit , and returned to the US this week saying his son is “comfortable, hes happy, and hes absolutely committed to what he has done”. As an NSA contract analyst, Snowden covertly copied thousands of top secret documents and spirited them away to Hong Kong, where he turned them over to journalists. Those materials have fueled an ongoing wave of revelations published by newspapers that have been given access to them, including the Guardian, The New York Times and The Washington Post. Four US whistleblowers also visited Snowden last week to give him the Sam Adams Award for Integrity in Intelligence. The prize is named after a Vietnam-era CIA agent who tried to fight systematic under-estimations of enemy Viet Cong forces within the system, and later expressed regret that he didn’t take his information to the public. A biographical review on the CIA’s official website says of Sam Adams that, “in his 10-year career as a CIA analyst caused more trouble than any analyst before or since.” One of the US whistleblowers who met with Snowden last week, former Department of Justice ethics counselor Jesselyn Radack, detailed the visit in this week’s The Nation. She says they found Snowden happy, healthy, in good spirits and concentrated on completing his mission to “restore the democracy he once knew” by reining in the surveillance state through public disclosure. She said that Snowden follows the news media closely and “is pleased with reform-minded reactions to his revelations, both in America and abroad.” Snowden is also deeply worried about his own personal security, she added. “The issue of his security is paramount….

It also comes as GM Europe and GM International Operations have undergone leadership changes this year. GM Russia President Jim Bovenzi will be reassigned to Detroit headquarters as executive director of global localization strategy, giving GM Europe President Karl-Thomas Neumann responsibility for business in the country. GM hired Neumann this year as president of GM Europe and CEO of Opel. It also recently reassigned GM International Operations President Tim Lee to chairman of GM China and hired Volvo executive Stefan Jacoby as the new leader of the GMIO unit. Lee continues to serve as executive vice president of global manufacturing. Neumann said one likely benefit would be to increase Opels market share in Russia, where GM also sells Chevrolet and Cadillac. All forecasts point out that Russia will become the biggest market in Europe in the next years. Opel enjoys a high reputation in Russia, Neumann said in a statement. But GM disclosed Thursday that its sales in Russia fell 18.7% in the third quarter from a year earlier. The company also announced that Andy Dunstan, who was executive director of sales for central and eastern Europe and international operations, will start leading the Russia unit on Nov. 1. He reports to Neumann.

‘Despite hiccups India and Russia have a resilient relationship’

Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, during the difficult transition period, they honoured their commitments and didnt apply with retrospective effecttheir law passed by their own law-making body the Duma. Lets face it; India has not reciprocated in full measure to Russias resolve to honour their Indian commitment. Sen said India had prior commitments with France, the US and other countries as well. What was the central point of Indias case in Tarapur? How can the US Congress adopt a law that goes against their own prior commitment? That is applying the law retrospectively in Tarapur. We expect the world to keep on honouring their commitments but let us not pretend that we are unique. Why did Russia allow us to get away retrospectively? Why did the US make specific exemption to its law only with respect to India? Not only in the NSG but the US law was changed for one country, said Sen. Sen said diversification of Indias defence trade, away from Russia, started much earlier and is not entirely a recent phenomenon. It started during (former prime minister) Indira Gandhis time and continued in Rajiv Gandhis, when the light combat aircraft came from GE in the US. Russia will remain one of Indias major defence partners. It has a track record of reliability and continuity. But this relationship will not be an exclusive one anymore.

Russia Media Tycoons Expand _ With Kremlin’s Help

That was followed on Oct. 7 by the image of Snowden carrying groceries in Moscow. With its savvy for scoops, the company often works as a de facto arm of Kremlin power humiliating Putin’s opponents by catching them in all sorts of misdeeds. But it isn’t just the Kremlin that values the Gabrelyanovs. The public feeds on their coverage, too, because they are among the few people in Russian media still able to break news even if it’s with a strong establishment slant enabling them to generate the clicks and the buzz that sterile state media can no longer muster. Aram Gabrelyanov, who resembles a miniaturized, fleshier version of James Gandolfini, can usually be found barking orders across the sleek newsroom to his army of young journalists. Born to an Armenian builder father, Gabrelyanov has a warm, southern sense of humor, and it’s hard for him to go five minutes without whipping out an anecdote. He first got the bug for tabloid journalism while at university in Soviet times, where he tricked the KGB agent on campus into letting him into the library where foreign publications were kept. That exposure served him well when he moved to the provincial town of Ulyanovsk in the late 1980s, where he rapidly moved up in the local publishing world. He then relocated to the capital and, after a few hit-and-miss years, made it big in 2001 with his national tabloid Zhizn Life which now has a circulation of 1.6 million. Today, News Media Holding earns $1.5 billion per year. In addition to Life, they own Izvestia, once the official newspaper of the Soviet government, as well as another tabloid and three websites. The younger son and heir to the empire, 24-year-old Ashot, runs and also a new TV station.

Canada Beats Usa In Olympic Warmup

Canada’s access to information system ‘at risk’: commissioner

(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault Verve Launches in East Village Canada: Who Will Keep an Eye on the Spies? Theyre Baaaack PARLIAMENT HILLCanadas access to information system is facing systemic failure, warned Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault Thursday following the release of her 20122013 annual report. Legault noted a host of challenges to the system and went as far as issuing a stark warning and calling on Treasury Board President Tony Clement to take action. Legault could not say what was more responsible for the crisisa rising number of access requests in the face of ongoing budget restraints, or government reluctance to provide information. I have no way to measure what the reasons behind this situation is, she said. Some of it has to do with a lack of resources. Some of it really has to do with not respecting the ombudsmans role in terms of accepting my recommendations. Legault said in one instance a minister agreed to her request for records to be released by a certain date, and then didnt honour that commitment. Thats a lack of respect for the actual obligations under the act. Its a lack of respect for the role of the commissioner in its recommendation role. In other instances, institutions try to dodge responsibility for responding to requests by directing requesters to other institutions. That ping-pong manoeuvre is due to a lack of capacity, Legault said. And while proactive disclosure could head off many requests, Legault said that requesters often want something that would normally not be in the public domain or would not be disclosed proactively.

Canada crude – Prices strengthen after gas line rupture

Not a bad trade,” Flaherty said at a dinner in Toronto on Thursday night. Flaherty has said that despite Europe’s struggles, Canada remains very interested because the EU is still the largest market in the world in terms of the size of its middle class. The Canada-EU deal would make it easier for Canadian companies to invest in, and sell to, the 17-member EU with its 500 million consumers. One thorny issue surrounding the deal was overcome earlier when Canada announced it would lift visa requirements for Czech nationals. The Czech Republic, which had threatened to block the free trade deal over the visa issue, welcomed the announcement. Canada reimposed visa requirements for Czech citizens in 2007 because of concerns over an excessive number of asylum seekers. Canada’s Ambassador to Prague, Otto, Jelinek, said his government wants to re-establish visa-free status “in the earliest possible term.” EU trade spokesman John Clancy said in an e-mail that the European Union and Canada hope to conclude the free trade deal in the “coming days.” Harper’s office said he was headed to Brussels with the hope of concluding a deal. He will meet with the president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso. Yves Leduc, director of international trade for the Dairy Farmers of Canada, said he’s been told by a Canadian government official that an agreement in principle has been reached and that the European Union’s 28 members and Canada’s 10 provinces have to approve it. Canada has agreed to permit a doubling of the EU quota on cheese exports to Canada in exchange for greater access for Canadian beef and pork producers. Leduc said Canada’s cheese industry is angry because it threatens the fine cheese market in Canada. “For the dairy farmers of Canada this is a deal that is unacceptable.

Canada PM Arrives in Brussels to Conclude EU Deal

EDT October 13, 2013 Team Canada celebrates a 3-2 win against the USA in Burlington, Vt. (Photo: Brian Jenkins, for the Burlington Free Press) Story Highlights Canadians build 3-0 lead, hang on to win by a goal U.S. coach: “We played probably 18 minutes of really hard-nosed USA hockey, so we’ve got a ways to go” Scuffle breaks out at end after USA player collides with Canadian goalie SHARE 4 CONNECT 8 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE BURLINGTON, Vt. – It’s a long road to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, and two North American rivals took one more step along the way as Canada held fast for a 3-2 victory against the USA women’s hockey team at Gutterson Fieldhouse on Saturday night. “You better be ready to play when the puck drops and play 60 minutes of hockey,” said USA coach Katie Stone after her team turned in a lackluster opening 40 minutes. “We played probably 18 minutes of really hard-nosed USA hockey, so we’ve got a ways to go,” Stone said after Canada built a 3-0 lead and absorbed the USA’s late two-goal counterattack. “We kind of floundered a little bit early on but we’ll get there,” Stone said. “The good news is we came on as the game went on. We scored two goals, we put a ton of pressure on them at the end We need to start faster.” Canada had the edge in offensive zone time in a scoreless first period, netted two goals in the second and pushed the lead to 3-0 early in the third. The USA broke through with a two-player advantage power play goal at mid-third, cut the deficit to one with 5:31 remaining and drove hard to the finish. Those final minutes included not only several good USA chances but a skirmish that earned two players on each team five-minute roughing majors and game misconducts after USA forward Jocelyne Lamoureux collided with Canada goalie Shannon Szabados at 16:53. Szabados sprawled on the ice and her teammates came to her defense, setting off a lengthy tussle in the corner. “It happens from time to time,” said longtime Canadian team member Hayley Wickenheiser of the scuffle, recalling a 2010 incident. In the first period, Canada had a 5-4 edge in shots that failed to reflect its territorial control.


But the closure forced some of Canada’s largest producers, including Imperial Oil Ltd, Suncor Energy Inc and Syncrude Canada Ltd, to cut back operations as they wait for critical gas supplies to return. Western Canada Select heavy blend for November delivery was last trading at $29.50 per barrel below the West Texas Intermediate benchmark, according to Shorcan Energy brokers. The differential had earlier tightened sharply to $26.50 per barrel under WTI, the narrowest level since mid-September, as new of the pipeline outage reached the market. That compares with a settlement price of $30.00 per barrel below the benchmark on Wednesday. Traders in Calgary said assumptions that the gas outage would not affect November production helped pare gains. “When will it be fixed is the question,” one crude trader said. “This is quite bad, but it is an October issue.” Light synthetic crude from the oil sands for November delivery strengthened to $9.50 per barrel below WTI, compared with Wednesday’s settlement price $10.60 under the benchmark. @yahoofinance on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook Related Content Chart Your most recently viewed tickers will automatically show up here if you type a ticker in the “Enter symbol/company” at the bottom of this module. You need to enable your browser cookies to view your most recent quotes. Search for share prices Reuters Australian stocks hit a five-year high on Friday as Asian shares celebrated China’s quickening growth — just a Terms Quotes are real-time for NASDAQ, NYSE, and NYSEAmex when available. See also delay times for other exchanges . Quotes and other information supplied by independent providers identified on the Yahoo! Finance partner page .

New York Road Rage Investigation Prompts Second Undercover Cop To Come Forward

14. Digital now accounts for about half the companys ad revenue, but that is attributable as much to prints steady erosion as it is to digitals gains in recent years. Before the recession, New York racked up 3,343 ad pages in 2007, according to MIN 1,500 pages more than it is expected to tally this year. Ad pages fell 12 percent in 2008, followed by a staggering 27 percent drop in 2009. And in a move that is sure to be worrisome as it pushes for digital dollars, Web traffic in September dropped to 3.6 million unique monthly visitors, according to comScore, a 16 percent drop from last year. A Wasserstein family trust inherited the magazine after the death of Bruce Wasserstein in 2009. The financier brought it for $55 million back in 2003. So far, the Wasserstein family has kept the magazine and websites rolling, but it is not clear what the trusts capacity is to absorb losses over a prolonged period. The most recent example in the weekly media world holds little promise. When stereo equipment magnate Sidney Harman died in April 2011, only months after rescuing Newsweek, his family trust soon bailed on the money-losing magazine. Like other weekly publications, New York has resorted to more double issues in slow periods and a gradual cutback in frequency.

Undercover police officer Matt Rodriguez, 28, has worked in plainclothes fighting crime in New York City’s subways and was recently assigned to an elite undercover unit in Internal Affairs, the New York Police Department unit that fights police corruption. But when CBS News met Rodriguez at the district attorney’s office Tuesday, he was the one on the hot seat, CBS News senior correspondent John Miller reported on “CBS This Morning” Wednesday. NYC motorcycle road rage incident may have ruined a large investigation Rodriguez and his lawyer, Pat Bonanno, emerged from a meeting with prosecutors after more than an hour of discussions over the case of the motorcycle assault against SUV driver Alexian Lien in front of his wife and child. Rodriguez said he had nothing to do with the assault. Miller asked Rodriguez, “How hard has this been going through this, especially with all the attention?” Rodriguez said, “It has been difficult, but I can only take it one day at a time from now on.” Rodriguez is now the second New York City undercover officer to come forward to say he was riding with the group that was involved in the assault. Just last week, the first undercover New York City detective who came forward was charged with assault, riot and criminal mischief after investigators said he lied about his role in the attack on the SUV. The lawyer for Rodriguez says his client’s story checks out. Miller asked, “What you told him was you weren’t there for any assault, you weren’t part of any assault, you didn’t even witness any assault?” Bonanno interrupted, saying, “John, with all due respect, I’m gonna stop you right there.” Bonanno says his client had fallen to the rear of the pack of motorcycles and that he didn’t see the confrontation where the SUV was surrounded by motorcycles and drove over two of them to escape. Rodriguez reportedly told investigators he took a different exit off the highway to visit his grandfather in a nursing home, so he was never even on the street where the final assault took place. Bonanno said, “Police Officer Matt Rodriguez voluntarily presented himself to the Manhattan district attorney’s office to answer any and all questions and concerns the had regarding his alleged involvement of the incidents of September 29th. It appears hat the district attorney’s office will discover, as we have known from day one, that there are no acts of criminality on behalf of Matthew Rodriguez.” Asked how it felt to sit down with investigators and get his story out, Rodriguez said, “I was just glad to be given the opportunity to actually say my piece.” Miller asked Bonanno, “Is it appropriate for police officers to be part of some motorcycle gang?” “Number one, this is not a motorcycle gang,” Bonanno said. “Frontline Soldiers was a small group of law enforcement individuals and former veterans. NYPD itself has a motorcycle club, so he was part of an organization of other law enforcement individuals that he thought was involved in charitable organizations and charitable things.” Miller added on “CBS This Morning” that Rodriguez has not been suspended or put on modified assignment, which is assigned to desk duty without a badge or a gun, but prosecutors do have other questions for him, including what contact he did or didn’t have with other officers before, during and after the assault.

Photo Tour: The Charm Of A Celebrity Cruises Ship

Celebrity Cruises’ 71,545-ton Celebrity Century is by today’s standards a mid-sized classic but when introduced in 1995 as the Century, it was one of the world’s largest, most technically-advanced cruise ships.

2, Symon will prepare dishes for and personally serve a $35,000 table of eight to 10 guests. Bon Appetit Management staffers will create Symons menu for about 600 other guests, who will pay $3,500 or more per table, or $400 for individual tickets. Celebrity chefs have been good for the Saint Martins fundraiser, which also includes some fetching food-related live auction items. Last year, with Guy Fieri cooking, the gala raised nearly $760,000. In 2011, with Mario Batali , it raised $607,634. That was more than four times the amount raised at the first gala, in 2006, when there was no big-name chef involved. Symon is a Cleveland native with Greek and Sicilian roots. The Puget Sound Business Journal caught up with him via email for a little Q&A. How did you get this gig? Do you have some connection with Saint Martin’s? I have a close relationship with Mario Batali and his father Armando (proprietor of Salumi in Seattles Pioneer Square neighborhood). Things just worked out with my schedule that I was able to participate this year.

Celebrity chef Michael Symon adds star power to Saint Martin’s gala

Another 2006 installation, it has chairs upholstered in white hide, a textured bulkhead and fiber-optic lighting that perpetually changes color. Peter Knego The upper level of the Celebrity Centurys beautiful three-deck-high Grand Foyer is a shopping gallery. Peter Knego Fullscreen When built, the foyer featured a cyber waterfall on a series of LED screens but in 2006, it was given its current look with a textured silver surface and giant curtains, evoking the atria aboard the lines quartet of Millennium Class ships. Peter Knego Immediately aft of the Grand Foyer on Deck 7, Fortunes Casino occupies 7,539 square feet and accommodates up to 265 gamers. Peter Knego Fullscreen The aft portion of Deck 7 is home to the 332-seat Crystal Room, a handsomely decorated space that has a raised central alcove surrounded in frosted glass panels. At night, it is home to the ships orchestra for Big Band, jazz and other musical events as well as a weekly gala dessert extravaganza. Peter Knego On Deck 6 another line-up of public rooms begins aft of the Celebrity Theater on the port side with OnLine@Celebrity, the ships internet room. Peter Knego On the starboard side, the Future Cruise Sales Desk is situated in a gallery that has an escalator leading up to Deck 7. Peter Knego Inboard of OnLine@Celebrity and the Future Cruise Sales Desk, there is a small theater and conference room. Peter Knego The first of two card rooms follows on the port side. Peter Knego Here is the main card room, which seats 50 guests.. Peter Knego On the starboard side following the Future Cruise Sales Desk, there is a 30-seat library with a large selection of books and DVDs. Peter Knego The Deck 6 balcony of the Grand Foyer is home to the Cova Cafe coffee bar, offering a full menu of specialty coffee drinks and cocktails, tea and wine. Peter Knego Cappuccinos are artfully presented and priced at $4.00. Peter Knego The Cova Cafe is also a great place to grab a quick snack or treat, offering a revolving selection of pastries, croissant sandwiches, tapas and cookies at varying times of day or night. Peter Knego A photo gallery is located on the port side of Deck 6, just aft of the Grand Foyer. Peter Knego Fullscreen The Rendezvous Lounge is a favorite hub for karaoke and live music performances. It is cleverly configured around an X-shaped passage that is another tribute to Celebritys Chandris family roots. X is the symbol for the Greek letter chi and is also the Celebrity Cruises logo. Peter Knego Fullscreen Celebrity Cruises is known for its spectacular main-dining venues and the Celebrity Centurys Grand Restaurant is no exception. Designed by Birch Coffey, it features a sweeping grand staircase, bronze-capped nickel pillars and a Deck 6 balcony lined with Art Deco-brass balustrades. Peter Knego A long gallery of seating with a view of the sea spans the starboard portion of the Deck 5 level of the Grand Foyer. Peter Knego From the reception desk at its base, there is an impressive view of the Grand Foyers staircase and fiber-optic skylight. Peter Knego Installed in 2006, the Murano specialty restaurant is located off the port side of the Deck 5 foyer. It seats 66 and features two alcoves as well as a long gallery with picture-window views of the sea. Peter Knego Fullscreen Murano table settings include fine china, linen napkins rolled in silver rings, Riedel stemware and silver-plate cutlery. The menu features French and Continental specialties and an optional four-course Gastronomic and Vineyard Tour pairing for $89 per person or a traditional menu with a cover charge of $40 per person. Peter Knego Fullscreen Meals in Murano begin with an amuse bouche, such as this beautifully-presented bite of ahi tuna. Appetizers include foie gras, sweetbread, escargots, scallops and a delicious goat-cheese souffle. Soups and salads include lobster bisque, phyllo with Anjou pear and Roquefort, heirloom tomatoes, wild mushroom cappuccino, mixed greens and spinach with frisee salad. Peter Knego Fullscreen Entrees include Dover sole, lobster tail, filet mignon, French turbot, shellfish and saffron risotto, a surf-and-turf lobster and steak duet, venison, lamb, duck breast and a seafood casserole. Desserts feature fresh sorbets and ice creams, a quartet of apple sweets, chocolate souffle, and (shown) a crepe ballon rouge that is prepared tableside. Peter Knego Fullscreen The lower level of the Grand Restaurant is located in the far aft portion of Deck 5. Open seating breakfast and lunch are served here along with two dinner seatings (6:00 and 8:30) in the lower level and Celebrity Select open-seating dining between 6:30 and 9:00 in the balcony (advance reservations recommended). Peter Knego Cuisine in the Grand Restaurant is beautifully presented and includes a menu of anytime favorites as well as an evolving selection of courses each night. This is a baked beet, goat cheese, endive and tomato salad. Peter Knego Mouth-watering appetizers include this delicious tart with basil-infused feta, greens and a balsamic reduction. Peter Knego The entrees consist of a wide selection of meats, poultry, fish and a vegetarian choice. Here is a delicious herb-crusted merluzza with a tomato rice timbale, roasted zucchini and ratatouille vinaigrette. Peter Knego The entrees consist of a wide selection of meats, poultry, fish and a vegetarian choice.

Ship review: Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Reflection

Classes and bootcamps are also available. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The fitness center is equipped with TechnoGym equipment that is available for trial and purchase. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The fitness center has been expanded to include four new studios. Personal training sessions are also available. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY Guests who don’t want to swim outdoors have the option of swimming in the indoor pool. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY Deck 14 has whimsical seating such as this cushioned hammock by the pool. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The Sky Observation Lounge is one of more than a dozen drinking establishments on the Reflection. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY By day, the Sky Observation Lounge is a place to relax over a cocktail. At night, the dance floor gets packed. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The Sky Observation Lounge offers expansive views from Deck 14. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY Oceanview Cafe on Deck 14 gives guests the options of a buffet meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY Oceanview Cafe has buffet-style dining in an indoor and outdoor setting for 885 people. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY Guests have a variety of options at the buffet-style Oceanview Cafe, including complimentary pasta, pizza, soups, sandwiches, sushi, salad, and frozen yogurt. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY Cafe al Bacio offers pastries and specialty coffees and seats 54. Nancy Trejos Cafe Gelateria offers an assortment of traditional gelatos. Nancy Trejos Live music is played at the low-key Ensemble Lounge on Deck 5. Nancy Trejos The Ensemble Lounge has comfortable seating for pre- or after-dinner drinks. Nancy Trejos Qsine is one of the specialty restaurants and seats 90 people. Nancy Trejos Qsine, a specialty restaurant, has an eclectic menu that includes lobster and escargot fritters and sushi lollipops. Nancy Trejos Qsine, a specialty restaurant, has whimsical items such as chocolate-covered strawberry lollipops. Nancy Trejos Qsine, a specialty restaurant, seats 90 people. Nancy Trejos Tuscan Grille is another specialty restaurant that offers Italian cuisine and steaks and seats 144 people. Nancy Trejos Tuscan Grille is another specialty restaurant that offers Italian cuisine and steaks and seats 144 people. Nancy Trejos Murano, one of five specialty restaurants on the Reflection, offers modern Continental cuisine. Nancy Trejos Murano offers items such as lobster bisque, caviar, lobster and duck breast. Nancy Trejos Murano, a specialty restaurant that seats 76 people, has an extensive wine collection. Nancy Trejos Bistro on Five is Celebrity’s creperie, with tableside service for lunch and dinner. Nancy Trejos Bistro on Five, a creperie, seats 72. Nancy Trejos Bistro on Five, a 72-seat creperie. Nancy Trejos Bistro on Five, a 72-seat creperie. Nancy Trejos Blu is Celebrity’s healthy food eatery designed for guests in AquaClass suites. Elizabeth Ashwell Blu, a specialty restaurant designed for AquaClass guests, seats 152. Elizabeth Ashwell Molecular bar is one of more than a dozen drinking establishments on the ship. It is located on Deck 5. Nancy Trejos Martini Bar & Crush on Deck 4 is a popular pre- and post-dinner bar. Elizabeth Ashwell Martini Bar & Crush on Deck 4 is a popular pre- and post-dinner bar. Elizabeth Ashwell Martini Bar & Crush has an ice bar. Elizabeth Ashwell The Sunset Bar is located in the aft of the ship. Nancy Trejos The Sunset Bar is located in the aft of the ship. Elizabeth Ashwell The Sunset Bar is located in the aft of the ship. Elizabeth Ashwell There are eight private cabana-style alcoves on the Lawn Club on Deck 15 that are available for a daily fee. Elizabeth Ashwell The Lawn Club is a half-acre of manicured, real grass on the top of the ship. Guests can play bocce ball or croquet on the lawn. Elizabeth Ashwell Oversized lawn chairs are located on the Lawn Club. Elizabeth Ashwell The Lawn Club is a half-acre of manicured, real grass on the top of the ship. It is designed to evoke a country club feel. Elizabeth Ashwell The Porch is a casual dining spot overlooking the lawn that offers breakfast and lunch paninis. It seats 48. Elizabeth Ashwell The Lawn Club Grill is a specialty restaurant where guests can assist the chef in making their own pizzas and grilled meats. It seats 78. Elizabeth Ashwell The Lawn Club Grill is a specialty restaurant where guests can assist the chef in making their own pizzas and grilled meats. It seats 78. Elizabeth Ashwell Guests in the AquaClass stateroom get unlimited access to the AquaSpa’s Persian Garden and complimentary dining at the Blu specialty restaurant. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY Guests in the AquaClass stateroom get priority boarding and debarkation. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY Guests in the penthouse get a complimentary meal at one of the specialty restaurants for every 7-night cruise. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY A bathroom in the penthouse suite, which also has a Jacuzzi . Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The bedroom in the 1,291 square-foot penthouse suite. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The penthouse suite has a 385 square-foot veranda. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The penthouse suite’s wraparound veranda has a Jacuzzi in it. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY A spa-inspired shower in the penthouse suite. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The 590 square-foot Royal Suite has a dining area. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The Royal Suite has a bathtub and a shower. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY There are eight Royal Suites in the Reflection. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The Royal Suite sleeps up to four people. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The Royal Suite has a 153 square-foot veranda. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY Some of the staterooms have pullout sleeper sofas. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY Guests in the new AquaClass Suite have a spa concierge to arrange personal AquaSpa treatments. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY Guests in the AquaClassSuite get complimentary bottled water and a carafe of flavor-infused iced tea. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The AquaClassSuite has a Hansgrohe shower panel. Guests also get a spa kit with foot spray, lip balm, and a relaxation mist. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY Guests in the AquaClassSuite get luxury Bulgari bath amenities. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY There are five new Signature Suites in the Reflection. They have elaborate minibars with a wine storage area. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The new Signature Suite is located in a private corridor that requires keycard access. Michel Verdure, Celebrity Reflection The new 1,636-square-foot Reflection Suite has a 194-square-foot veranda and can accommodate up to six guests. Michel Verdure, Celebrity Reflection The Celebrity Reflection has the brand’s first two-bedroom suite called the Reflection Suite. Michel Verdure, Celebrity Reflection The highlight of the Reflection Suite is a sea-view bathroom with a rain shower that juts out over the edge of the ship. Michel Verdure, Celebrity Reflection The new Reflection Suite has comfortable seating in a living room with panoramic views of the sea. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The Hideaway is a quiet area where guests can get away to read or listen to music. Elizabeth Ashwell The Art Studio offers a variety of classes throughout the day. Elizabeth Ashwell The Hideaway is a quiet area where guests can get away to read or listen to music. Elizabeth Ashwell Fortunes Casino is located on Deck 4. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The Library on decks 10 and 11 is open 24 hours. Elizabeth Ashwell Fortunes Casino is located on Deck 4. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY Guests can take art classes in the Art Studio. Elizabeth Ashwell The Reflection has a number of high-end retail stored including Michael Kors and Bulgari. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The Reflection has a number of high-end retail stores including Michael Kors and Bulgari. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The Reflection has a number of high-end retail stores including Michael Kors and Bulgari. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The Reflection has about $60 million worth of art on board. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The Reflection’s extensive art collection includes this life-sized photograph of a human silhouette by Japanese artist Yuki Onodera. It is called Rosa. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY Guests lounge in chairs by the indoor pool. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY Guests can choose from a variety of shore excursions at ports of call. Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY The Celebrity Reflection had her North American debut in Miami on Dec. 1.

Canada’s To Field Mixed Roster Of Veterans And Youngsters Versus Koreans

EU, Canada set to conclude free-trade deal

It aired for four seasons in Ireland, Canada and the U.S. on Showtime. “The Vikings,” also written by English screenwriter Michael Hirst (“Elizabeth”), takes the two-nation concept a step further. Currently wrapping production on a second season in Ireland, the series is produced in association with Shaw Media. Besides Australian Travis Fimmel as lead Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, the historical drama features a largely Canadian cast, including Katheryn Winnick, Jessalyn Gilsig, Donal Logue and Alexander Ludwig. Canadian director Ken Girotti was helming his second season 2 episode this week. As well, while the series is shot over three large sound stages at Ardmore Studios near Dublin, the dailies are sent by satellite to Canada where digital effects are added by Toronto’s Mr. X Inc. “They’ve done a brilliant job,” says O’Sullivan. “I cannot emphasize how much they’ve brought to our show.” O’Sullivan puts Mr. X’s special-effects wizards “right up there” with George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic. Canadians get other benefits from this alliance. The talent appreciate the more relaxed shooting schedules.

“The talks are now well advanced” and the two will meet in Brussels “with the aim of concluding negotiations on an accord that offers both sides major opportunities,” Commission spokesman Olivier Bailly said on Thursday. The two men will then brief the press on their discussions, Bailly said, declining to give details of the accord which remain to be settled. Overnight, Harper said “we will soon complete negotiations” on a free-trade accord which began in 2009, with Barroso tweeting that he hoped to conclude quickly. Many observers see a deal, which has proved difficult to conclude, as a possible template for EU talks with the United States on TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership which is touted as one of the biggest free-trade accords ever. Brussels and Washington have held a first round of discussions and are committed to making speedy progress but there are a host of differences to settle. According to EU figures, bilateral trade in goods last year was worth 61.7 bn euros ($84.0 billion), with Canada the 11th largest trading partner of the European Union, while the 28-member bloc was its second most important market after the United States. Official sources told AFP earlier the deal would give the European Union increased access for cheese sales, one of the last hurdles. On several previous occasions officials on both sides have said a deal was imminent but deadlines passed and no announcement was forthcoming. Negotiations were begun in 2009 with the expectation they would be concluded by late 2012 but they became deadlocked over a few issues, mainly in agriculture. Canada asked for increased European access for its beef while the EU sought to lower tariffs of up to 300 percent shielding Canada’s dairy industry from imports of European cheeses. A transatlantic deal would give Canadian companies access to 500 million European consumers and eliminate 98 percent of Canadian tariffs on EU goods. Politics & Government ‘If I Could, They Would Already Be in Jail,’ Sheriff Grady Judd said Good Morning America

Canada Post to issue limited-edition commemorative stamp featuring His Royal Highness Prince George

17, 2013 /CNW/ – Less than a week before His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge’s christening, Canada Post is proud to announce a new limited-edition commemorative stamp featuring the infant Prince to be issued October 22. The stamp features an informal photo of His Royal Highness Prince George with his mother and father, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The photo was taken by his grandfather, Michael Middleton, this summer. Prince George will be the youngest Royal to make an appearance on a Canadian stamp. “When His Royal Highness was born, people around the world celebrated. Canada joined the festivities with blue baby lights shining on the Peace Tower in Ottawa, the Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls and the CN Tower in Toronto. This stamp proudly memorializes this moment in our history,” says the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport and responsible for Canada Post. “Canadian stamps continue to document moments in time and this stamp is a fitting addition to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s family album of Canadian stamps,” says Deepak Chopra, President and CEO of Canada Post. “We know that Canadians – as well as people across the world – will enjoy sharing this piece of royal history for the future king.” In 2011, Canada Post issued two stamps featuring His and Her Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; one to commemorate the young couple’s engagement and the second to mark their wedding. Those stamps proved to be the most popular issues of that year. Also, part of this new issue is a souvenir sheet and Official First Day Cover, showcasing an image of the Peace Tower in Ottawa awash with blue light as it was on the night of the Prince’s birth. The stamp and other collectibles will be available at post offices across Canada as well as online at starting October 22. About the stamp The stamp measures 32 mm x 32 mm with simulated perforations. This Permanent stamp, which is always worth the going domestic rate, is printed by Lowe-Martin on Tullis Russell paper using seven-colour lithography.

Coach John Herdman has assembled a preliminary roster of veterans and young players for the Oct. 30 game at Edmonton’s Commonwealth Stadium. Star striker Christine Sinclair is one of the 13 who captured bronze for Canada at the 2012 London Olympics, while Sura Yekka, a 16-year-old from Mississauga, Ont., earned her first call-up to Canada’s senior squad. Canada, which has three wins and a loss all-time against South Korea, was beaten 3-1 by the Koreans the last time the two teams met, at the Yongchuan Cup tournament in January. “South Korea will be a tough test for us,” Herdman said. “Our loss to them. . .and their recent win over Japan has shown we will need to be on our game to get a result while still developing our new playing models.” Twelve of the 18 players on the current roster played the last time the two countries faced off. The game marks the first at Commonwealth Stadium for the women since a friendly against Germany in 2005. There will be more to come in Edmonton, as Canada will play its opening game of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup at Commonwealth. “This event provides the team with an excellent opportunity to develop the processes and systems around playing in the stadium where we’ll play our opening match. . .

Movies From 1960s Were Most Creative In Cinema History, Study Finds

Many of the most-pirated movies aren’t available for legitimate online purchase

UPDATED11:19 AM EDT Oct 16, 2013 Photos Troy Newell/SXC Vampires and other movie monsters have always been a popular theme for screenwriters, but recently the vampire and werewolf craze has been reborn. More That rebirth is due in large part to the smashing success of the “Twilight” novels by Stephanie Meyer and the subsequent films. However, long before Robert Pattinson proved how truly sexy the undead could be, many other actors portrayed this favorite blood-sucking monster for the big screen. These days, movies and television series featuring hot, bloodthirsty vamps, such as HBO’s “True Blood” or The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries,” are becoming the norm. With so many worthy vampire movies to choose from, it was hard to narrow down the list, but we’ve managed to select the five best vampire movies ever. Read on at your own risk, because this list may contain spoilers. First up, sexy vamps and werewolves, oh my … No. 5: “Twilight” (2008) OK, so we’ll admit that a huge factor in our love of the vampire movie “Twilight” has to do with the casting of the breathtakingly gorgeous Robert Pattinson in the male lead, as the self-loathing vampire Edward Cullen. Of course, while we can’t get enough of Robert and his on- and off-screen love interest Kristen Stewart, there is also something to be said for the “Twilight” plotline, which is dripping with suspense and romance. Unlike most other vampire movies, there’s not a lot of blood and gore, but there’s still plenty of action. The two sequels so far, “New Moon” (2009) and “Eclipse” (2010), provided more of the same and kept the female fan base happy with plenty of shirtless moments from Rob and co-star Taylor Lautner.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Patinson in Twilight

Physicist Sameet Sreenivasan of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York conducted a detailed data analysis of novel and unique elements in movies throughout the 20th century. Sreenivasan analyzed keywords used on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) to observe trends. A novelty score was given based on the number of times any given keyword was used to describe another film. Films that had higher novelty scores featured a word that was rarely used to describe it. While films with lower novelty scores had a keyword used to describe a variety of them. A range from zero to one was applied as the novelty score, with the least novel being zero. To depict the evolution of film culture over time, Sreenivasan then lined up the scores chronologically. “You always hear about how the period from 1929 to 1950 was known as the Golden Age of Hollywood,” Sreenivasan said to Wired. “There were big movies with big movie stars. But if you look at novelty at that time, you see a downward trend.” After studio systems fell in the 1950s, filmmakers burst with new ideas which enhanced the movies during the 1960s. Films like Bonnie and Clyde in 1967, Breathless in 1960, and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in 1966 were all very well received. In addition, plot lines, novel styles and film techniques helped create the increase in Sreenivasan’s analysis of that period. The films analyzed spanned a 70-year period and the study appears in Nature Scientific Reports . 2013 CBS Interactive Inc.

After a documentary and several shorts, Godard made his first feature, "Breathless (A Bout de Souffle)" (1960), a brisk dark comedy starring Jean-Paul Belmondo as a petty thief and Jean Seberg as an American ex-pat.

From October 26th, customers can subscribe to 11 Sky Movies channels in SD as well as on-demand content for an additional fee. It’ll all be done via existing Vision+ and YouView hardware, so there’s no need to buy any more gear, although HD-enthusiasts might just have to bite the bullet and sign up with Rupert directly. Show full PR text BT and Sky reach agreement to add Sky Movies to BT TV BT and Sky have signed a multi-year contract which will see Sky Movies made available through BT TV. BT will offer Sky Movies for a monthly subscription that customers can add to their existing BT TV package from October 26. The agreement means that BT will be able to offer its TV customers the option to bolt-on Sky Movies whether they are customers with the YouView box or the latest Vision + box. For Sky, the deal supports Sky’s growing wholesale content business. BT TV customers will be able to enjoy the latest movies across 11 Sky Movies channels, in standard definition, both as streamed live channels and on-demand for those with BT Infinity fibre broadband. For customers with regular BT broadband Sky Movies is only available on-demand. Sky Movies is the UK’s most popular subscription movies service giving access to over 700 different movies on demand including brand new exclusive premieres every week from major Hollywood studios such as Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony, Warner Bros., and Universal. Sky Movies subscribers can choose from more of the latest and biggest movies first, at least 12 months before any online subscription service. Premieres in October include Argo, Django Unchained, Les Miserables and Gangster-Squad. Zero Dark Thirty and Life Of Pi will premiere in November.

Sky Movies comes to BT TV, hell braces itself for cold snap

Sky Movies comes to BT TV, hell braces itself for cold snap

“Today there are more ways than ever to watch movies and TV shows legally online, and more are constantly being added,” she said in an e-mailed statement. “If a particular film isn’t available for stream or purchase at a given moment, however, it does not justify stealing it from the creators and makers who worked hard to make it.” Brito insists he’s not trying to excuse piracy. But, he argues, “I don’t understand how the industry is making a big show about Google not taking voluntary measures to help with piracy.” Hollywood, he says, could “change its business model to take their own voluntary measures to deal with piracy,” by making movies more readily available through legal online channels. If it chooses not to do that, he believes, they have no business complaining that tech companies aren’t doing enough to combat the problem. But Bedingfield counters that films get heavily pirated even when they’re made available in online formats. The Walking Dead was pirated 500,000 times within 16 hours despite the fact that it is available to stream for free for the next 27 days on AMCs website and distributed in 125 countries around the world the day after it aired,” she says. “Our industry is working hard to bring content to audiences when they want it, where they want it, but content theft is a complex problem that requires comprehensive, voluntary solutions from all stakeholders involved.” Finally, Bedingfield points out that the Mercatus Center counts Google among its funders. Correction: The original data supplied to us by was inaccurate. It showed 1 movie available for rental and 4 available for purchase. In fact, at least 3 were available for rental and 6 were available for purchase. “Pacific Rim” is also now available for digital rental, though it’s not clear if that was true on Monday. We regret the errors. We also added some additional comments from the MPAA’s Kate Bedingfield to the end of the article. Timothy B. Lee covers technology policy, including copyright and patent law, telecom regulation, privacy, and free speech.

Food Prize Winners: Science Needed To Fight Hunger

‘Chinese Food’ Is the New ‘Friday.’ Except Racist

Yesterday, Gawkers Cord Jefferson wrote a thoughtful article that explained how racism exists not just in overtly hateful thoughts and comments, but in the framework of plausible deniability that builds up around racism and how insane that plausible deniability can make people feel. Like those terrible Asian schoolgirl jokes on Seth MacFarlanes new sitcom Dads, Chinese Food can attempt to hide behind the post-racial America argument, the one that says that its okay to exploit stereotypes because they cant do us any harm, not anymore but it will fail. Thats the real danger behind the myth of colorblindness, the myth of post-racial America: the potential for the racism embedded in this confectionery video to be denied and enjoyed anyway. The problem, particularly with a viral video like this one, is that everyone sees it, but not everyone sees the damage implicitly wrought by it. Earlier today, a YouTube commenter wrote on the videos page , This is why kids become racist. She could be right; I can hear this song echoing down the halls of my high school as readily as I could The Fox. Viral videos like Chinese Food, when theyre widely viewed, become a part of our shared culture; theyre what millions of people talk about, reference in conversation, share with their friends. When those video depict other groups of people in inaccurate and demeaning ways for entertainment as exotic, monolithic, or otherwise fictionalized they encourage us to internalize those ideas, or at the very least to laugh them off. Chinese Food is, in a sense, a frillier, less overt manifestation of the same kind of minstrelsy that Miley Cyrus gets away with . It uses food the way Miley uses a dance incorrectly, with little concern for either accuracy or why its important to be accurate about other cultures to create celebrity, social capital or a desired image. This video will certainly follow Gold around for the rest of her life in far more consequential ways than Cyruss celebrity permits. But I wouldnt worry about her. In fact, Chinese Food will likely become a learning experience; over the next few days, Gold will almost certainly come to know the differences between Mongolian, Chinese, and Japanese cultures better than most people passing the song around. But will she come to know about why it matters? That understanding the one that prevents more Chinese Foods from getting made in the future is what its all about.

One winner, Robert Fraley , chief technology officer at Monsanto, said biotechnology and information technology are helping farmers globally improve crop production and can help solve the problem of a growing population with too little food. “Whether it’s a small farmer in India with a cellphone message that wind currents are changing … or planter in Iowa that says, ‘Change the way this field is planted every 10 meters to optimize yields,’ science has so much potential,” he said. “The challenge that’s going to come is: Are we going to limit it by policy and regulation?” Opponents of genetically modified crops say they are harmful to people and the environment. Some organic farmers warn that widespread planting of genetically modified crops could contaminate organic and traditional crops, destroying their value. Others are concerned about the uncharted long-term impact for those who eat products such as milk and beef from animals raised on genetically modified plants. Another winner, Marc Van Montagu , founder and chairman of the Institute of Plant Biotechnology Outreach at Ghent University in Belgium said some of the fear of GMO crops is absurd. He used the example of papayas in Hawaii, which he said were saved through genetic modification. The third winner, Mary-Dell Chilton , founder and researcher at Syngenta Biotechnology, said all the discussion by critics of biotechnology should be directed at the coming problem of widespread hunger as the population grows to 9 billion people by 2050. “There are going to be a lot of hungry people here,” she told reporters at a news conference. “I hope that you will at least give a balanced view of the safety, the utility of these biotech tools. We’re going to need them, believe me.” Environmental groups and activist organizations offered opposing views by holding their own press conference at the same time the food prize laureates were speaking. Cherie Mortice, a retired teacher from Des Moines and a member of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, an action group that fights large-scale farms, said the prize “is the grand promenade of corporate control over food production that undermines the independent family farms that are capable of producing a diversity of healthy foods that can actually make it to our dinner plates.

Food events in the Washington area

Culinaria Cooking School, 110 Pleasant St. NW, Vienna. 703-865-7920. . OCT. 19 18TH CENTURY AUTUMN MARKET FAIR: Food, drinks, costumed interpreters and herbs and flowers for sale. 11 a.m.-4:30 p.m.; Sunday, 11 a.m.-4:30 p.m. $6; $3 ages 3-12 and seniors; age 2 and younger free. Claude Moore Colonial Farm at Turkey Run, 6310 Georgetown Pike, McLean. 703-903-9330. . AUTUMN REGGAE AND WINE FESTIVAL: Reggae music, wine tastings, winery tours and food and craft vendors. Noon-6 p.m.; Sunday, noon-6 p.m.

Food & Spirituality: Fall Feast with Armenians in San Francisco

Nothing gets past 96 year-old Amelia Surabian. She

Surabian learned how to cook by observing women preparing food for festivals at St. Johns in spite of attempts to protect their techniques by covered their phyllo with dish towels. Nothing gets past 96 year-old Amelia Surabian. Shes been cooking for fall food festivals for more years than most, and while shes the undisputed expert now, she struggled to learn the cuisine as a young woman. Not every cook wants to share her recipes! Photo: Gina Scialabba Some of them were kind of quiet and secretive about their recipes, Surabian says, but I was a little devil. She was also keen on learning how to feed her young family the traditional way after a childhood of desperate poverty. Surabians family fled their homeland at the turn of the last century. They moved to Massachusetts, and then to Fresno. Times were so hard then, she remembers some Armenian mothers made pants for their children out of flour sacks. Surabian herself started working at age 14 or 15, canning peaches for Del Monte in Oakland. She settled in San Francisco in 1938.